bottom [adj] lowest; fundamental basal, base, basement, basic, foundational, ground, last, lowermost, lowest, meat-and-potatoes*, nethermost, primary, radical, rock-bottom, underlying, undermost; concepts 585,586,735,799 —Ant. highest, top, unnecessary bottom [n1] foundation base, basement, basis, bed, bedrock, belly, deepest part, depths, floor, foot, footing, ground, groundwork, lowest part, nadir, nether portion, pedestal, pediment, rest, seat, sole, substratum, substructure, support, terra firma, underbelly, underneath, underside; concept 442 —Ant. top bottom [n2] base, core basis, bottom line, cause, essence, essentiality, ground, heart, mainspring, marrow, origin, pith, principle, quintessence, root, soul, source, stuff, substance, virtuality; concepts 648,826 —Ant. exteriority, outside bottom [n3] rear end backside, behind, breech, bum*, butt*, buttocks, derriere, fanny*, fundament, posterior, rear, rump, seat, tail, tush*; concept 418

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